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@EASE Software offers a pragmatic, smart solution to your support your fund development program.

Enrich your Relationships: Cultivate your donors, prospects & advocates

Increase Productivity: Use time and resources when & where they count

Produce Results: Increase your capacity as you support ever growing demands

We Care Support: Take advantage of our award winning support

Build a Knowledge Driven Charity
We offer this program to charities as they struggle with quality data management strategies. Too often a charity's financial base found in their donors, is left in disarray. This creates road blocks to effective data mining, showing donors appreciation through recognition programs and management's ability to be prepared for a one-to-one meeting.

A Knowledge Driven Charity exceeds through the effective use of information, building valuable knowledge and exercising control of their time.

Stop by our website for more information on special programs we offer to help all charities work more effectively and efficiently.


@EASE is an inclusive package ... our policy is to support our charity clients by not inhibiting opportunities nor creating fiscal hardship.

@EASE manages donors, prospects, contacts and advocates. It features offers robust profiling including links to social networking sites, documents, websites, presentations and more.

Creating Order gives our clients the confidence they need to attend to their work.

Campaigns or Asks are set up to define how a donor has participated .... as a cash donor, a gift in kind donor, a purchaser of product, an event sponsor or a registrant accumulating donations on the charity's behalf.

Donations by the type of activity are accumulated by fiscal year to a donor record. You can instantly see what and where dollars are allocated including first and last year donated.

@EASE is a smart solution. Our development team chose to make all reports and exports selection based. For our clients, this means no queries to write, because queries can be complex and the results can be unreliable.

Contact us for a demo. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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